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Trademarks - what kind of images you shouldn't upload

As most of you already know, there are certain subjects that shouldn't appear in your images if you plan to sell them as Royalty Free Stock.
We'll leave this thread open and I suggest adding your input to the list below. New and old users are asked to check this list carefuly and to come back here regularly, in order to avoid having the files refused.
很多人已经知道,dt上‘无版权商店’(royalty free stock,不知道这个翻译是否准确)中出售的图片中有些元素是不能出现的。

须    知:
1. never upload a theme/subject that you are certain of violating a trademark; this applies internationally not only for US, UK or CA; if you have a protected element in your own country do not upload an image of it, because even if it gets approved first, it will be disabled afterwards. Also you own all rights of the picture and you are the only person responsible. Don't risk yourself, the company that holds the trademark might come after you.
1. 上传照片的主题/主体中绝对不能侵犯商标,这不仅仅适用于美国/英国/加拿大,是国际通用准则。如果你有照片中有在当地受到保护的元素,请不要上传,因为即使此照片通过审查了,日后被发现侵权后仍然会被禁止。你拥有自己的照片的所有版权,但同时你也是唯一对此负责的人。不要心存侥幸,拥有商标权的商家会追查你的。

2. be sure you hold ALL copyrights of everything appearing in your image
2. 百分之百确信你拥有图片中一切元素的版权。

3. do not upload images with recognizable faces of human persons without attaching a model release. It doesn't matter if you took a shot on a crowdy street you still have to own a model release agreed and signed by each of your subjects.
3. 如果图片中有可识别的人脸,那么在没有获得模特授权的情况下不要上传照片。即使你是对着街上的人群拍照也不行,你必须拥有每一个主体的签名授权。

4.do not upload cars with brands (check doors, trunk, engine, wheels, steering, seats, gearbox, cd/casette player, everything)
4. 不要上传带有标志的汽车(检查照片中的车门,车厢,引擎,车轮,方向盘,座椅,变速箱,音乐播放器,一切的一切)

5. do not upload shots taken on the stree with commercials visible they will all be disabled
5. 街景照片中不要包含明显的商业广告,这种照片不会通过审核的。

TRADEMARKS (things that are not obvious but you should know):

1. Certain buildings are trademark protected. Some of them are famous, some aren't. An architect may choose to protect his/her building. Most of the modern buildings aren't protected, but it might be useful to check first. Basicaly each building after December 1990 or blue prints on this date is eligible for protection.
1. 一些建筑是受到商标保护的,有可能是知名建筑,也有可能不是知名的。取决于建筑师,他/她可以选择是否要保护自己的建筑。大多数现代建筑不受保护,但是最好事先确认一下。1990年10月以后的建筑基本上都受到保护。

Famous buildings you shouldn't see on Dreamstime:
- Flatiron building in NY, Tour Eiffel at night (lights on), Sidney Opera in Australia.

2. logos:Windows, CD, DVD, Dolby, Sony, Canon, etc, everything
2. 各种logo都不应出现:Windows, CD, DVD, Dolby, Sony, Canon

3. names and signatures, license plates
3. 名字和签名,各种执照

4. other: Mickey and Minnie, McDonalds and the Golden Arches, the Cypress Tree on Pebbles Beach, Lego, Peeps
4. 其他的:米老鼠,麦当劳的金色拱门logo,桧树卵石滩(译注:查的google,不知何物),乐高积木,以及各种偷拍(译注:peeps?感觉不搭调)

5. modern art (same for buildings) it doesn't matter if it's on a public space, is the work of an artist
5. 现代艺术(建筑也一样)。不管它是否在公共空间展示,它的版权仍然是属于艺术家的。

Please add here any other examples of things you know to be protected. It would save valuable time to all of us. Try to verify your source and accompany the statement by a to a document that provides more details.

Should you find any images online that violate a trademark protection please use the contact form to notify us.
If you want to learn more about trademarks please visit this site or do a search on Google

杭州网易图书馆标志性的楼梯 作者:sorinony
【藏地】四月的成都春暖花开,姑娘们短袖彩裙闹市穿行。而理塘还在冬与春中纠结,偶尔遇见桃花悄然盛开,主角仍是雪花纷飞。反复多次的大雪在日光轻抚下,温柔渗进高原这片土地,滋润广阔的毛垭草原,在六七月,牧民沿着无量河逆流而上带着帐篷,赶着牦牛成群结队迎接格桑花的登场。 作者:大刀367
每当远离喧嚣的大都市去偏远之地采风,我心里都有一种莫名的兴奋,或许是因为大都市繁华的背后,人与人、心与心之间的距离是越来越远,人也变得更加世俗和麻木,“金钱至上”成为大多数人信奉的人生法则,找寻初心、找寻那份失去了太久的人间真、善、美,才是我每次远赴落后乡村采风如此兴奋的根源所在,每当回望这些拍摄于乡野农村的各类图片(不论是风景、动物、还是一个个鲜活人物),我都被他们所呈现的画面而感动,正是这份久违的真,让我由衷的感谢这些所闻所见,是他们偶然的出现,荡涤和滋养了我日渐枯萎的灵魂,让我能从心里由衷地发出“乡野有大美”的感叹!谨以此专辑纪念这些所有美好的遇见!谢谢! 作者:安安